Air Compressor Accessories

Ingersoll Rand offers a full portfolio of OEM Air Compressor Parts & Accessories that are critical to the life of your compressed air systems.


  • High-quality accessories for all of our product portfolio
  • Trust Ingersoll Rand for accessories that will enhance the original form, fit and function of your compressor
  • Range from filtration systems, condensate removers, water separators to upgrades and services from our team of experts


No matter which of our Ingersoll Rand solutions you are using, we have designed, tested and manufactured high-quality, high-performance air compressor accessories for our whole product line to ensure they are OEM quality. By installing any of our accessories or equipment, whether our condensation management systems or one our filtration tools, you have peace of mind that they will enhance the original form, fit and function of your compressor parts.



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A closer look at some of our Air Compressor Accessories...

Filtration Systems

We have a range of high-power filtration systems designed to suit our different compressor solutions, including our Eco-Spin Inertial Spin Filter, our Eco-Filter Intake system, which uses primary and secondary filter parts to reduce energy costs and our FA In-Line Filter Replace-ment Elements, which are made out of stainless steel mesh to withstand high pressures whilst minimizing flow restriction.

We also offer our OEM Air Filter Assemblies which are specifically designed, manufactured and tested to meet the specification of Ingersoll Rand compressors - ensuring a stress-free operation and taking the pressure off of you.

Condensate Removers

Our Ingersoll Rand Liquidator Zero-Loss and ReliaDrain Zero-Loss Condensate Removal systems are the essential accessories you need to get rid of condensation quickly and easily in industrial or even commercial applications. Our ReliaDrain is an electrically powered tool that uses capacitive sensors to determine when the drain reservoir is full and open the valve, making it a fully efficient tool for your compressor set-up. The LiquidatorTM is a pneumatically-powered product that uses a ball-float sensor to see when the drain reservoir is full. Both are tools capable of maintaining a minimum liquid level within the reservoir to ensure that only condensate is removed from your compressor and eliminate the risk of any process air escaping through the drain orifice.

Polysep Green Oil Water Separators 5-60 m3/min

This Polysep Green oil-water separator keeps the environment clean whilst offering a new modular product allowing you to size and scale the unit as needed. In addition, this product features innovatively coated Zeolite absorption media that withdraws and permanently absorbs any oil and is equipped for even heavily emulsified ones (such as polyglycols) that often require more expensive compressors to separate.

No-Loss Drains

At Ingersoll Rand, we offer both an electric and pneumatic (PNLD II) No-Loss drain designed to remove condensate easily. Our newly-enhanced Electronic accessories are heavy-duty industrial drains that remove condensate without wasting compressed air. This tool is lightweight and can be easily attached to different air compressors and accessories. The PNLD 11 line of pneumatic drains is fully equipped to remove condensate consisting of high levels of rust and oil. They require no electricity and are designed to work with a variety of compressor parts. 

Air Compressor Tanks

Our air compressor tanks are accessories available in horizontal or vertical, and the tank size varies from 12-240 gallons. These tools are designed for extra air storage and manufactured with steel to ensure long-lasting industrial durability and reliability.

Our Available Upgrades and Services

We also offer upgrades such as variable inlet guide vanes and aerodynamic enhancements for our centrifugal solutions. Our additional services include our cooler maintenance service, field overhaul and preventive maintenance services.

Our range of accessories also consists of our Ingersoll Rand Line Reactors,  designed to fit any air compressor. We also manufacture high-performance, high-power transformers that allow you to effectively operate your electrical equipment by correcting the voltage to suit your compressor - ensuring high levels of efficiency and low electricity bills!

For more information or to enquire about any of our air compressor accessories or equipment, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here...

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